24 Jul

Five Best Music Streaming Platforms

Most people use their favorite types of music to pass the time and mostly for entertainment. Artists sell their music through different websites and music platforms on the internet. People have been listening to music through downloaded songs until the internet introduced a new way of listening to songs through it. This has helped people a great deal, for they now do not need to buy storage devices for their music. One can now listen without any storage device. Only mobile data is required in streaming. Here are some of the best music streaming platforms you can install on your device.


This application is known for its high quality in streaming, which is of around 320 kbps. It is easily compatible with some of the most used browsers. Spotify makes streaming enjoyable, as it contains single songs and also albums.

The platform has also shown admirable willingness to evolve with technology and users’ needs. While they were early adopters of playlist creation, they have now gone ahead to vet the music which they provide to users, to ensure it is of acceptable quality.

Google Play

This is one of the most used applications in the Google Play store. The app gives users more freedom to access the music in their catalog. It also provides users with high streaming quality of music. It is also compatible with major browsers.

With Gooogle’s significant involvement in all matters internet, the Google Play app comes almost naturally to most of its product users. Google has also not been shy in popularizing the product; little wonder the number of downloads keeps going up.

iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio is advantageous as it gives users a chance to have a music experience for free. The application has a catalog of about 4500 musicians showcasing their work. Users are also given a chance to listen to some of the best radio stations around the world. It also allows users to pick their music preference, to access it easily.


This application does not cost a cent to download. Mixcloud is also free for users to access. It is known for the great quality of mixes it offers. It also gives users a chance to listen to their favorite radio shows and create a playlist.


This is a top-rated application around the world. It is compatible with most browsers. The application is known to provide users with a very high streaming quality.

Besides being free, YouTube also has a host of other benefits which users love. It has an excellent interface that even newbies can be comfortable using. The ability to customize your experience with features such as creating playlists and subscribing to favorite channels is fantastic.