24 Jul

Five Emerging Musicians to Look Out For

All musicians who have made good progress in their careers have had a good share of challenges before they rose to stardom. Hard work has put them on their current levels. Upcoming artists make small but sure strides to try and have their music listened to. Upcoming artists are interesting for big companies to already make them endorse and to sign a long-term contract, this could be interesting for companies as: Nike, Unibet New Jersey and many others. Here are five of the emerging artists you need to look out for.

Summer Walker

Summer is a 22-year-old artist from Atlanta. In 2018, she produced her first project called the Last Day of Summer. She is signed to the LVRN label and management. Her biggest singles currently are Girls Need Love and CPR. The songs are played by millions of people.

She has received acclaim from music pioneers, specifically The Dream who picked her as a star of the future in an episode of ‘The Cosign.’ Summer has not yet made it to The Billboard’s hot list but it appears to be just a matter of time as she is currently causing ripples in the Bubbling Hotlist. That she has worked with a big name like Drake also speaks a lot about her potential.

Dominic Fike

The upcoming artist is managed by Tha lights Global. He has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia. The song that gave him a breakthrough was the 3 Nights. The artist has received a shout out from DJ Khaled and also love from Kourtney Kardashian. His songs are being played on several platforms.

Having been on the scene for just two years, ‘Dom,’ as he is popularly known, has already shown signs of going full throttle. He has made it public that he is embarking on a tour, The Rain or Shine tour, something you don’t often see emerging artists doing.

Kelsey LU

She is one of the rising musicians in recent times and people need to look out for her musical work. She has produced an album called Blood in 2019. Some of her singles include Shades of Blue, Due West, Foreign Car, and Why Knock for You.

Arlo Parks

She is a musical artist who has specialized in the Hip-hop and Rap genre. She is signed under the Beatnik Creative label. She has an album called Super Sad Generation. Her singles include George, Cola, Romantic Garbage all which she has done in 2019 and has been received well on many platforms.


He is a British-French upcoming musician who does Rap. The 23-year-old began singing in 2016 and is signed by Sony under the Black Butter label. He has been featured on tracks by Mura Masa and A2. His singles include Move Faster, Revenge, and Lightning among others. He has two albums namely Spaceman and Endorphins.

Drake gave the youngster some much welcome acclaim when he appeared on video singing along to Octavian’s song ‘Party Here.’