19 Oct

Reading Reviews about New Music and Before Buying Tracks Online

Music reviewing started gaining popularity quite a while ago. Music has been termed as the most difficult of the arts to criticize. In reviewing, criticism is either positive or negative. These reviews are available on several platforms. Reading them is of utmost importance in decision making.

Buying of goods online is quickly gaining popularity among the public. As much as it is easier, it comes with its own setbacks. Selling of substandard products is one major concern. Reading reviews, especially those of new tracks could go a long way in helping one judge the quality of the music. This then makes the consumer make an informed decision before purchasing a track. Reading reviews offers other benefits. It helps in rating the popularity of a track and consequently in the estimation of the price value.

When reading reviews there are things one should look out for. First of all, not all reviews are genuine. Some are exaggerated comments either by fanatics or by just plain haters of the artist. Some reviews could also give misleading information about the song. You need to check the number of reviews used to come up with a rating. It’s close to an impossibility to find a song with excellent reviews only. This could be a sign of tailored reviews with intentions of deceiving the music consumers.

Where to Get Reviews

Most of these reviews are found online. Just like sites like unibetreviews.com focus on unmasking Unibet, there are sites dedicated to reviewing music. Depending on your favorite music genre, the site that suits you will differ from that which suits another person. There are review sites for reggae, hip hop, RnB, Rock and so on.

Social media platforms are also a great place to read reviews. Most influencers worth their salt give honest reviews for their followers to benefit. However, you should always be aware of influencers who get paid to promote music without regard for quality.

It’s possible to find reviews from the media. It could be print media, television or even radio. Reviews from media houses are usually from experts and they give an expert opinion on the quality of music. Social media also offers a platform for viewing users’ reviews on the tracks. This kind of reviews could be biased as it could be promotional work by the reviewer. Some music streaming sites offer a reviewing section in the comments. This gives a better accuracy on the public’s opinion of that particular song.